Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

This website isn’t just about telling my tales from the road, there is a serious side too. My brother killed himself back in the summer of 2016. It was a complete shock, ┬áhe had never mentioned he was depressed. Part of my Offroad Aotearoa was to come to terms with this loss.

Some wounds never heal and some memories never fade. Every adventure I do, I do in with him in mind, because I know he would have loved to be there with me.

So I try to make a difference in the best way I can. For each expedition I raise funds and awareness for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention. For Off Road Aotearoa we raised $4500! Great effort and I hope to beat that on my next big trip. I will post a link to the donation page nearer to the start of my next expedition so we can all get behind the cause!

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