Off Road Aotearoa: Update


Just a quick update on the planning of Off Road Aotearoa. Progress is being made!The wheels are very much in motion!

A long trip such as this requires a fair amount forward planning, (about 6 months from just a rough idea to actually leaving on the trip). We are now in month 3 so half way to our Expedition Start Date (approximately 8th March 2017).

So what’s been happening?

A hell of a lot as it happens!

I am thrilled to announce that Off Road Aotearoa has now got sponsors! I would like to introduce Kathmandu and Bikeaholic to the team! Kathmandu has kitted me out from a tent to practically all of my clothes for this adventure! Thank you so much! Bikeaholic have been helping me from the beginning from sourcing my bike, and fixing it up every time I mess around with it! Great to have some backing from local companies!


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Logistics are looking good too. I have set a date for leaving work and will be buying my flight up to Auckland this week. Then I just have to sort out getting my bike up to Cape Reinga for the start of the ride! The route is getting some fine tuning, it has been reversed to make the most of the prevailing Northwesterly winds. So I will now be riding Cape Reinga to Bluff. Next stage is to break up the route into rough weekly sections, then find resupply points and rest stops (my plan being approximately 7-10 days of riding then 1 days rest). Also on the to-do list is sort out the few ferries and boats along the North Island to link the sections of track. Overall though definite progress is being made!

Now lets talk physical. My knee injuries are all cleared up and the physio is looking happy and has given the knees the all clear! Happy days indeed. I have taken up Pilates once a week and hiking once a week too. The Pilates will strengthen my core and stretch out my muscle tissue ( I think of it as injury-proofing) as well as correcting any postural problems. The hiking is a great way of cross training and keeping the body guessing. Shocking the legs and lungs with a monster hike every Monday has me feeling pumped for a few days after, keeping the motivation up.

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I am currently cycling comfortably 70 km rides off road on tough steep terrain.These rides are unladen but soon to be trying out a few overnight missions. I set a  goal of 8000m of climbing for November which I have achieved. As well as 400 km for the month. A fairly slow start but with work being busy (I’m still working 50 ish hours a week) I don’t want to wear myself out and over-train.

Stats aside though I am feeling strong in myself. I feel my legs getting stronger and I am less out of breath. Although my scales at home aren’t the most accurate I am currently weighing in at 80 kg. Almost the heaviest I have ever been and it must be muscle since I can’t see any fat?


Next up is the best news! The support from you guys has been overwhelming! The people around the world who have donated and shared my story to raise money for Mental Health Foundation! Keep it up! Lets keep sharing my blogs (click the Share buttons below) and we can really make a difference. Lets smash that $3000 target!

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